The Art and Science of Salesmanship (Seminar or Workshop)

We are always presenting our ideas, our opinions or ourselves in every conversation that we have. If we are presenting our feelings, it is usually done in such a way as to solicit a desired response (e.g., happiness, empathy, sadness, compassion, etc.). We have been doing this all of our lives, and it is a natural part of our daily routine. Once this is understood, the thought of having to sell something to someone should be a little less frightening.    – Roy Tan, Founder of The Positive Room

The Art of Salesmanship

As Art is a science applied, it involves actual doing. It is the practical application of knowledge or natural ability. One might possess or develop, a broad knowledge of the science of medicine, but indifferent ability in applying it. It may be said that knowledge of a science is gained by studying; but proficiency is an art by practice. A knowledge of selling principles alone is not sufficient. Actual practice in their application is necessary. But a knowledge of principles will enable one to get his selling ability into action more quickly and make of him a better salesman than he could hope to be. The art of salesmanship may be defined as the ‘ability to apply fundamental selling principles to the circumstances of the individual selling situation’.

The Science of Salesmanship

Selling is definitely an Art. But Art is an applied Science. It is the practical application of knowledge or natural ability. It is possible to make a study of the sales process and the experience and methods of successful salesmen. Due to the many immeasurable human elements involved, it will always remain, to a certain degree, an inaccurate science. Therefore, Salesmanship includes both a knowledge of fundamental selling principles and the ability to apply them in the actual process of selling. It comprehends both the science and the art.

The half-day or full-day Workshops for groups are conducted instead of 1-1 coaching.

“Probably the biggest insight…is that happiness is not just a place, but also a process. Happiness is an ongoing process of fresh challenges, and… it takes the right attitudes and activites to continute to be happy.”
― Ed Diener

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